What We Do

Counseling Services

We are here to listen and help guide your next step…

Thrive Counseling Center knows the emotional challenges many face when entering counseling. This is why we offer a respectful and compassionate, multicultural counseling staff that has advanced training in the field with specialties in a variety of different areas. (more…)

Psychiatric Services

Diagnose, Treat, Thrive…

Thrive Counseling Center is proud to be a full service mental health center that offers both counseling and psychiatric services under one roof. Our board certified psychiatrists offer the best possible care in a comfortable environment that treats the whole person. (more…)

24/7 Crisis Team

Mental Health Crisis

A mental health crisis is an intensive behavioral, emotional, or psychiatric response, typically triggered by a precipitating event, which causes one’s usual coping strategies or problem solving skills to be overwhelmed. The goal of crisis intervention is to ultimately stabilize the immediate situation, provide support and facilitate understanding. (more…)

Client Advocacy

Advocates are your voice, resource, and guide…

Our staff works with clients in treatment to help coordinate and advocate for individual wellness services that enhance recovery. (more…)

The PSR Program

Tomorrow is a new journey with endless possibilities…

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (PSR) at Thrive is designed to assist clients achieve the highest level of independence and recovery from psychiatric illness. Our curriculum-based groups help individuals understand their illness, learn coping (more…)

Youth And Family Services

Youth and family are the building blocks of a stronger community…

All youth and families are inherently resilient… but when faced with multiple or ongoing stressors, any one of us can find ourselves struggling to cope. Seeking counseling early on can enable youth and their family members to identify concerns and collaborate to address their problems. (more…)

Stress Reduction Course

Stress Reduction Through Mindfulness and Meditation

When the little things of life begin to get to you…

Stress is an inevitable aspect of life. All living things experience some form of stress during parts of their lives. This course will help you understand stress and learn how to manage and reduce stress by increasing awareness in your body, mind, and environment. (more…)